Taking Sides Clashing Views in Management Essay

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Taking Sides Clashing Views in Management written by Marc and Vera Street diverse into some deep, debatable topics. Upon reading each issue, it is clear that there is no right or wrong answer. Several times I found myself torn on both sides; this is – I was both for and against certain issues. I have always tried to make decisions as informed as possible but realized that judgments are still personal and what we believe in.

Issue 1: I do believe that corporations have a responsibility to society as a whole, not only to maximize their own profits and benefit the economy but also to respect the community that they reside in. They achieve this by not only providing employment, but also upholding an image. It is up to
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Some reasoning companies do such things are to protect themselves from internal theft and or sabotage. I agree that the employer should make the employee fully aware of their monitoring practices to act as a deterrent. This way, both employer and employee are on the same page as to what will be watched where and when. Issue 5: Affirmative action has outlived its usefulness in the workplace. From filling positions for employment, to reaching quotas in higher educational seats, I believe that affirmative actions is discrimination in itself. Each person is their own individual and it seems unfair to put one person before another. In my opinion, this is immoral and equals should be treated equally. That is the principle of equality. Carl Cohen states race preference violates the principle of human equality. I feel that making amends for past wrongs may have been necessary many decades ago, but who are the beneficiaries in this day and age? Men, women, blacks, whites, Catholics, Jews, young, old, we are all on a leveler playing field. The best candidate for the position should be given the position.
Issue 6: Work place drug testing is not a wise corporate policy due to high cost, inaccuracies, and a lowered sense of moral. Employee confidence in management can quickly erode if guilty employees go undetected

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