Essay on Taking Personal Responsibility By Brian Tracy

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Imagine you are standing in front of you mother and she’s holding the baseball that you had accidentally thrown through the window, then out of the corner of your eye you see to other boys across the street with baseball gloves and a bat. At this point you have a choice it would be more than easy to tell your mom you had no idea what happened and let the blame fall on them, or you can come clean and tell your mom that it was you. This is where responsibility comes into play, the more responsible thing to do would be to tell the truth, even if it could get you in trouble. In an essay that I read by Brian Tracy entitled “Taking Personal Responsibility” it focuses on how being, and holding yourself, responsible can greatly elevate your happiness in life as well as determine the amount of success you will have in life. In the essays it tell you that the amounts of success you will have in life is in direct correlation with the amount of responsibility that you have because the characteristics that come with responsibility are some of the most important characteristics needed to succeed at some of life’s hardest trials. So like in the scenario I created about if you make the right choice your mother at first being mad would help your wellbeing in the long run because her trust in you would be greatly lifted. When you take personal responsibility for all your action you will have a higher quality of life because you will never have to tell a lie, people will have a higher trust in…

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