Taking Ownership Of Your Learning Essay example

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To me, “taking ownership of your learning” means being an independent and self-driven learner. It means that you don’t wait for a teacher to explain everything to you, but rather you work ahead and are motivated to teach yourself new concepts. A student who has taken ownership of their learning also comprehends that they alone are responsible for the understanding of the lessons that have been delivered to them; if they have questions, they ask them, rather than later blaming the teacher for not being more clear in their instruction.
I’ve detailed my personal reflections below each bullet.
• Takes ownership of the learning process by setting personal educational goals, and monitoring their own progress. o It’s not enough to just set an end goal of getting straight A’s or completing a degree program. You must create a plan and set short-term goals that will lead you to that final image. Continuously reevaluating the short-term goals and adjusting as needed is important to ensure the plan is realistic and achievable.
• Is self-motivated to learn and understand; not only driven by grades or external praise. o In any college, but especially an online university like UoPeople, it’s important that the student is enrolled and taking the classes for themselves and not for someone else. No professor is going to handhold and give you praise on each assignment like teachers may have throughout grade school. The bigger picture and end goal should be your motivation to…

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