Taking My Own Ass - Original Writing Essay

2139 Words Aug 6th, 2016 null Page
As soon as Pinky pushed me away, I was kicking my own ass for getting high. I knew she wanted me to support her while she talked to Redd but she hated the smell of loud. While she was crying and telling Redd about how she 'd almost tried to kill herself I wanted to pick her up and ease her pain but I knew she wouldn 't let me. When she was finish and Redd went to hug her she told his ass the same thing she told me, while Shanice held my baby I ran upstairs and took a quick shower washing my hair and trying to kill the smell she hated so much I couldn’t change my clothes so I went shirtless and used almost the whole damn bottle of cologne. I wrapped my dreads in a towel and went straight to my baby and held her tight, I didn 't give a fuck about Redd and Shanice laughing and cracking jokes as long as my baby knew I was there for her. I was trying to comfort her but her fast ass was rubbing my chest and wiggling on my dick. I whispered to her, “make me give your brother a reason to shoot my ass,” she was smiling but I was serious. I 'm so glad they were able to move past this shit because one thing I 'd learned is that Harmony and Harlem were two stubborn motherfuckers. They definitely shared the same blood because they were just alike she was just shorter and fine ass hell. I was thrown off when she asked about getting a personal trainer, I loved all of her curves she was short and had a big ass and juicy breast but her waist was small and her stomach was flat, she didn 't…

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