Essay about Taking Baby Steps Day By Day

1016 Words Sep 23rd, 2015 null Page
I have found a better place to be. It’s feels almost foreign, but it is slowly wrapping around me, comforting me into this new life. I have been born again, taking baby steps day by day. My life has been severely affected from the way I was treated by my parents growing up. I still have problems today that I can relate back to my childhood. I was subjected to physical and emotional abuse in many different forms. Furthermore I have taken steps to transition myself into a healthier lifestyle when I moved away from, “home.” Three years old hearing my father beat my mum relentlessly; feelings pent up full of emotion, tears begin to well, and my throat developed a lump too big to swallow. Why he did this to her? My older sister and I tried to interfere only to be beaten for it by Mum, who refused. Craving that unconditional love bond between parent and child. Never knowing the feeling, body aching to be filled, to be felt, a hole growing larger as the years went by. Regression, hate, and self destruction, the foundation of my insecurities. My parents were not standard, father was more like a child with an incongruous bad temper. He had no reasoning, or common sense for that matter. His rage impossible to contain; pleading cries only made it worse. Mum tried her best in the early years; she tried to hide my older sister Alexus and I during father’s tantrums. Sitting with Alexus in Mum’s closet, squeezing hands till they turn white at the knuckle, sweat beginning to bead…

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