Essay on Taking A Public First On The Consumer Point Of View

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Putting Public First First off, it was smart of Pepsi to look at the situation from the consumer point of view. As a corporation, Pepsi knew it was not their fault as their filling facilities were top of the line, leaving no room for these syringes to enter the can. The general public on the other hand was not aware of the technology that Pepsi uses which can lead to a sense of uncertainty and fear. By putting the public first, it shows that they care about this crisis seriously in order to gain back public trust.
Taking full responsibility for solving the problem. Pepsi took a proactive approach by taking full responsibility for the situation, doing so ensured that they were in charge of the messaging. Even though Pepsi wasn 't to blame doing so was a smart approach in this case. This showed the public that Pepsi cares about more than money; this made the general public feel a bit relieved showing that Pepsi cares about the quality and the safety of their product.
Using the media to present the case. Using the media to present the case once again showed how Pepsi was looking at this from a consumer point of view. If Pepsi would have held a press conference it would not have had a big impact and might even look defensive. The Video News Release in conjunction with the power of the media made it easy to disseminate information throughout the country quickly. Opening the plant up to the media shows transparency when it comes to their production methods, this proved to be…

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