Taking A Dual Credit English Class Essay

890 Words Dec 8th, 2016 4 Pages
Taking a dual credit English class as a senior in high school was an undertaking that I was not quite sure how I was going to handle without undue stress. The question in my mind was whether or not I would be able to write essays to meet the challenges of a college based class. Learning to brainstorm ideas and topics when assigned an essay gave me a great advantage in this challenge. I found that brainstorming for topics that were truly an interest of mine gave me a great advantage when writing essays for class. Each time I received an assignment, I immediately began to research topics that I thought I could easily relate to so that my writings reflected my enthusiasm. During the semester, I learned to utilize brainstorming in a much broader realm, and the topics chosen for my essays are now more interesting with titles that are eye catching to the potential reader.
The topic for my essays was based on the assignment given by the teacher. My topics became more creative as the semester progressed. For example, the topic of my first essay in the class was Christmas. This was a good topic for the assignment; however, the essay I wrote did not have language that was enthusiastic or unique from the traditional Christmas. Also, my title for the essay was Christmas, which added no extra curiosity for the reader. The second essay I wrote, Vacation Italian Style, was a little savvier. It was specific for those who might be interested in travel to Italy. In the last essay I wrote on…

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