Take The Jungle By Upton Sinclair Essay

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When authors fail to convince readers of their main theme it’s a sign that the author never understood the audience at hand. Many times this can be by over or underestimating the intelligence of the readers. Other times it’s misunderstanding that the audience may not understand an abstract or vague concept in the author’s work. Take The Jungle by Upton Sinclair for example. This novel follows Jurgis Rudkus, the head of a Lithuanian immigrant family, through about the one or two ups and the twenty downs of his life in the Chicago stockyards. It’s a work of fiction also designed to gain support for Socialism. Sinclair hoped that by exposing the horrors of Capitalist America, he and other Socialists would gain sympathy for their cause and a major economic revolution would take place. Unfortunately for him, this never happened. Instead the FDA was created to inspect America’s food. Although this is undoubtedly a positive, it begs the question of why Sinclair wasn’t able to get his readers to turn their backs on Capitalism and embrace Socialism with arms wide open? The simplest answer is that he misunderstood his audience and they misunderstood him. Sinclair was unsuccessful because his detailed depictions of the meatpacking industry stole attention from Capitalism and his portrayal of Jurgis Rudkus as a flawed everyman allowed readers to blame the latter instead for his problems. The primary reason why Socialism never took hold in America after The Jungle was released is…

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