Tajfel's Theory Of Social Creativity And Social Behavior

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Register to read the introduction… An individual will adopt the behaviours and attitudes that they believe define the groups to which they belong. They then behave in a manner considered stereotypical of that group. Tajfel believed that we are drawn towards membership of a group that has a positive image and high status compared to other groups. If it is not possible to join such a group individuals can use ‘social mobility’ to try and improve their position. Alternatively, if changing to a particular social group is not always possible then people can opt for ‘social change.’ There are two methods of securing social change – via ‘social creativity’ and/or ‘social competition.’ Social creativity seeks to improve the status of the group by encouraging a more favourable impression or by trying to appear superior by comparing the group to one of a lower standing. Social competition strives to change the rules regarding how social groups are thought of. Tajfel used the ‘experimental method’ to test his theories. The conclusion of one of the studies, now considered a classic, was that people will feel a solidarity with others they consider to be in the same group will discriminate against members of other groups, even when the groups are explicitly random and

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