Taiwan Taxi Icall System Essay

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Executive Summary With its great success in Singapore, a GPS based system like the iCall seemed like the perfect fit for Taiwan Taxi. The company had plans of expanding its membership to 20,000 and believed the iCall would help it achieve this goal. Unfortunately, the iCall did not bring the success that Taiwan Taxi hoped it would which left management questioning why the system worked so well in one country and not the other. The answer to this lies in the cultural differences and a lack of understanding of the Taiwan labor force that is currently working in the taxi industry. In order to successfully implement the iCall in Taiwan, management needs to tie value to the system in order to gain support from its employees and the …show more content…
“A taxi driver was often a last resort for jobless citizens, which created image problems for the taxi industry as a whole.”
Public Perceptions Another external factor that comes into play when examining the demand for taxi services is the perceptions of the public. In Singapore, taxis are the most popular form of transportation. Taxi drivers retain a professional appearance and are respected as a profession in the community. In Taiwan, cabbies often dress in street clothes because they are embarrassed of being a taxi driver due to the negative perceived image of the industry. Customer service is not emphasized evidenced by the fact that many cabbies smoke in their vehicles when transporting passengers. Also, there have been several reports of drivers committing crimes against passengers. All of these negative attributes are a product of a lack of rules and structure in the industry. This shows that there is a clear demand for a safer, more customer friendly taxi option. Taiwan Taxi is attempting to do this by increasing their professionalism. While they are taking steps in the right direction to improve their public image Taiwan Taxi could leverage their reputation even more to gain more customers.
Recommended Plan of Action It is recommended that Joan Lee implement a tier based system that rewards cabbies based on their productivity. This will be measured by the amount of time a cabbie spends

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