Essay on Tai Chi Health Benefits

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As a Chinese traditional martial art, Tai Chi Chuan is also called “meditation in motion” and is famous for its overall health benefits. Although its motion is slow and gentle, it provides good exercise to improve muscle strength, flexibility and aerobic conditioning as other common fitness sports. Besides these, it also offers other benefits that other common sports cannot give us, such as the balance improvement, the reduced probability of falling, relieving depression, easing of Parkinson’s disease and hypertension. Here are some studies that scientists have finished and will prove how Tai chi can improve our well being.
The first, practicing Tai chi improves balance. According to NIH—National Institute on Aging, a study was conducted
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The study included 200 participants age 70 and older. All participants were divided into three groups: Tai Chi, computerized balance training, and education. After 15 weekly sessions, participants from Tai Chi group showed the most notable change of reducing the rate of falling. Compared with 23% before they took the training, only 8% of the Tai chi group participants said they still feared falling. The director of this study said: “The Tai Chi group seemed to have more confidence. They had an increased sense of being able to do all that they would like to do.” After this study was finished, almost half of the Tai Chi participants continued their Tai Chi meeting.
Besides balance improvement, the other benefits are significant as well. As we all know, depression causes many health problems, such as morbidity, disability, mortality, even suicidal thinking and so on. More than 2 million people age 65 and older suffer from depression. How to relief the pain of depression? Practicing Tai Chi will help you to reduce it. According to a research hold by UCLA, the researchers found that compared with using standard treatment, people from the Tai Chi group had a greater reduction in the level of depression. The director of UCLA’s Stress and Wellness Research Program said: “This is the first study to demonstrate the benefits of Tai Chi in the management of late-life depression, and we were encouraged by the

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