History Of Taekwondo Essay

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Since the beginning, the formation of taekwondo has evolved with the use of many different techniques and forms. The earliest known form of Taekwondo originated from the Korean martial art Soobak which eventually became known as t’aekyon. In 1955, T’aekyon official became known as modern marital art of Taekwondo (“Taekwondo History”).
Although Taekwondo is relatively a new sport in the eyes of Westerners, its origins date back to the early formation of Korea. Archeologist have discovered evidence in pillars, documents, and murals made from the 6th century that “…show techniques and fighting stances that were probably the first forms of Taekwondo” (Southwick).In 6th century Korea there were three kingdoms, Silla, Koguryo, and Paekje. Each kingdom
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Taekwondo is a modern martial art that is now an international phenomenon, stretching all over the globe with over a millions trainees. “…the evolution of Taekwondo was a direct result of the happenings in Korea long ago, and knowledge of the history is an important step in understanding Taekwondo”- Southwick
Taekwondo is a Korean martial art that consists of forms (“formal patterns of movement” (Southwick )), which include techniques such as punching, kicking, jumping, blocking, parrying, and maintaining a mental discipline while practicing the many forms of Taekwondo (Southwick). Taekwondo is a formation of three Korean words, Tae, meaning to kick or jump; Kwon, meaning fist or hand; and Do, which means "the way." Loosely (if not literally), it can be thought of as "The Way of the Hand and Foot." (“Taekwondo: History”).
“…Taekwondo as a traditional martial art is not merely the fighting skills but a proper product of national tradition comprising a philosophical spiritual world of martial arts”(“Taekwondo

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