Taconic Case Study

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Kelly holds a wealth of knowledge, and utilizes this repeatedly in all aspects of her diverse job functions assigned as well as freely volunteers her knowledge to aid others and Taconic as a whole. Teaching new customer service, cost accounting, and sales staff how to utilize, comprehend, and run M2M reports independently are prime examples.
Completes all tasks assign in a well-timed manner. Prioritizes heavy workload based on upper managements’ requirements, customers, departments, and peers to meet their needs and expectations for operational efficiency. She is often sought out for historical information, costing comparables, sales ideas, complaints, and resolving dilemmas to improve tasks and net outcomes.
Kelley’s leadership skills
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Often offers suggestions, aid for improvement, and presents it in a positive manner for others. Is sold in this area, which is evident in the multiple specialty duties assigned.
Kelley communicates verbal and written thoughts and ideas in a satisfactory manner. She communicate with a clear understanding of what is expected of her from management and customers with ease because she knows what needs to be accomplished. Kelley can communicate with Larry, Tim, and Sheri on CP issues for a positive result and reflection on Taconic as a whole, a caring manufacturer with a supportive management. She is also a great listener in dealing with difficult issues such as complaints.
Sets and accomplishes goals without assistance and makes suggestions for planning improvements. Addresses planned and unplanned duties independently, and with a natural ease. Adapts daily to the task at hand based on the environments placed before her for a positive net result. Often plans and offers in advance of what others may need from her to complete their own work. The major changes to the Canadian territory on the territory report, commission programming for CP, financial adjustments for future complaints, and programming new reports are a few
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Her work with the Belting department, cost account, and sales staff over the last year has provided our employees the knowledge needed to perform multiple tasks, and efficiently. She holds a direct and honest approach and her networking skills has proven beneficial to many departments such as Belting, Shipping, all Customer Service centers, California production, and our Canadian location. Is often first to say hello, lend a helping hand, providing knowledge, and willing assisting others in opening the communication lines amongst staff and departments. She holds this connection with our product staff and customer service because they often seek her advice on acceptable quality of material for many customers and proper noting of issues for clarity within our M2M

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