Essay on Tacitus 's View Of The Roman Society

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Tacitus is a Roman historian who has written several, important historical documents. Included with the plethora of historical documents he has written is Germania. Tacitus lived from 56 CE to 120 CE, and he completed Germania ¬around the year 98 CE. Germania serves as a study to the lives of the Germanic Tribes that had lived outside the rule of the Romans during the time. However, it can also serve another purpose. The introductory paragraph of this text described Tacitus’s distaste of the Roman society present during his time; the paragraph also categorized his previous texts often contrasting the superior lives of foreigners. Germania can also serve as a medium to address the citizens of Rome—whom of which he referred to as degenerate—and its rulers. However, there is bias present within the text, as some details characteristics of Germanic society may not be as entirely truthful; due to his dissatisfaction for Roman society. Tacitus used Germania to provide insight into the lives of Germanic society, as well as to compare its values to that of Roman society. Tacitus opened the text focused on the inhabitants and their physical characteristics. Tacitus described their appearance as being an unmixed race, free from others, with nothing to show but themselves. Furthermore, he insists that their physical features are widespread throughout the population: red hair, blue eyes, huge frames that are only suitable for sudden exertion. Additionally, he also notes that…

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