Tablets And Special Need Classrooms Essay

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An Apple a Day: Incorporating Tablets in Special Need Classrooms Mr. Johnson has been a special education teacher for over twenty years. And in those twenty years he has seen a lot of changes, but this year will be different. Over the summer, Mr. Johnson received ten new IPad tablets for his classroom, and was trained by a specialist over the summer on how to use them. Mr. Johnson has always been a little hesitant when it came to technology in the classroom. Call him old school, but he was taught to teach a certain way. Over the last couple years Mr. Johnson has come to the realization that some of his students have special needs that can’t be met by traditional teaching methods. He is hoping that this new technology just might bridge those gaps, and in the long run, help the students and himself. Tablets provide special education teachers the ability to expand education in the classroom through technology, Promote independence with special designed apps, and develop communications with non-verbal students.
Tablets in the classroom History There was a time when teachers stood in front of a blackboard writing letters of the alphabet with chalk and drilling students to develop literacy skills. But now those children are growing up with laptops, smart phones, and even tablets, what’s an old school teacher do? Well, some of them have decided to jump on board. In September 2012, the Los Angeles Unified School District began carrying out a $50 million plan to equip 30,000…

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