TQM Is A Total Quality Management Concept

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Register to read the introduction… • How do I communicate my needs and expectations to my suppliers?
• Do my suppliers have the capability to measure and meet these needs and expectations?
• How do I inform them of changes in my needs and expectations?
Main Principles of TQM
The main principles that underlie TQM are summarised below:
Prevention Prevention is better than cure. In the long run, it is cheaper to stop products defects than trying to find them
Zero defects The ultimate aim is no (zero) defects - or exceptionally low defect levels if a product or service is complicated
Getting things right first time Better not to produce at all than produce something defective
Quality involves everyone Quality is not just the concern of the production or operations department - it involves everyone, including marketing, finance and human resources
Continuous improvement Businesses should always be looking for ways to improve processes to help quality
Employee involvement Those involved in production and operations have a vital role to play in spotting improvement opportunities for quality and in identifying quality problems Introducing TQM into a

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