Dramatic Monologue

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Within a reality encircled of spiritual deaths and where the forces of time and death calls and lurks on their prey, is a man who lost himself in every sense. Among an industrialized dark world in which a reasonable sign of vivacity is seldom found, is the present time for the man who oughts to believe his mind and soul are rich in color. Yet in all sensibility, he too is a foreigner who lacks zeal for life- unknown to the outside world. The mysterious speaker in T.S Eliot’s “The Love Song of J.Alfred Prufrock”, became frozen in a chain of disillusionment towards the new world, but is also blinded by his own creation of a cracked illusion that confides in solitary life that he believes is pure. Haunted by self-doubt and nostalgia of a past life in the grip of a lover, he has locked the depths of himself away at the heart of the sea. Eliot conducts a dramatic monologue that centers on a reluctant middle-aged man who suffers from social …show more content…
In a time where death lurked in every corner, gunfires penetrated and murdered, the repugnant aroma of blood that filled the air made it difficult for people to maintain faith in an era that spawned cognitive casualties on an industrial rate. He became moved by his era, but instead of lamenting over its gloom, he urges victims to seek a meaning in life before becoming dominated by irrepressible forces of time and death. The “love song” of Prufrock centers on lamentations of the heart and the psychotic meltdowns that come from becoming unable to express himself in a rapidly changing world. Yet, although Eliot’s message can become perceived as one that does harshly motivate its reader to let themselves freely roam the universe, its true meaning remains enigmatic just as the mind of Prufrock will always be a mystery; the real message lies beyond the grave of T.S

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