Systems Theory And Organizational Structure Essay example

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Systems Theory & Organizational Structure
In my organization, the administration, faculty, staff, students, and parents are all part of what Hawaiians called ‘ohana, meaning family. Each member has a role, but the goal for everyone is to ensure student success. When a member of the ‘ohana is not meeting the expectations, the students suffer. The administration has to manage employees, finances, educational laws, facilities management, and community relations. Faculty has to manage students, collaborate with administration, faculty, and community members, and meet statewide teacher assessment criteria. Students must collaborate with one another, do their best to succeed, and keep communication open with their parents and their teachers. Parents have to manage their children, seek information, and participate in school events whenever possible. With so many responsibilities among all of the members of the ‘ohana, communication inevitably breaks down and student success becomes endangered. Currently, our school is over-budget because our attendance was lower than anticipated. In our PLCs, the administrators were open with high school teachers because there is a possibility that the school will reduce from PreK-12 to just PreK-8. According to Razik & Swanson, the concept of systems equifinality offers a “nonlinear approach [which] can promote the manager’s ability to cultivate an environment for creative problem solving and change” (p. 42). Our administrators are attempting…

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