Systemic Racism In La Cosecha

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Systemic Racism: Formation of Barriers and Oppression
The history of the United States have evolve over the years in terms of laws, industrialization and education, however, it is clear that this country has gone several steps back in terms of discrimination, humanities and even racial disparities. According to Golash-Boza (2014) Systemic Racism is defined as "a diverse assortment of racist practices; the unjustly gained economic and political power of whites, the continuing resource inequalities; and the white racism ideologies, attitudes, and institutions created to preserve white advantage and power" (p.187). Over the years, the U.S. country was granted to be known as the "dream nation" in which the opportunities are many as well as the
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In the film "La Cosecha", the representation of migrants workers in the labor was the reality of what systemic racism has taken over emphasizing the poor working conditions of the workers in which in many cases are children 's under age working 14 hrs shifts. Moreover, one of the characters of the "La Cosecha" named Perla Sanchez, she described in detail of what does a migrant worker struggles, she also mentioned that being a migrant worker creates a educational barrier because you travel more than 4 times a year city to city trying to catch up economic stability but actually leaving school behind. She also mentioned that being a migrant worker classifies you as inferior to others, in which sometimes they scream you "go back to your country" and they don 't even know you were born as a U.S citizen and your only crime is being a migrant worker trying to help your family. Finally, the word systemic racism for Hispanics involves a lot more than just inequality because the meaning of this term refer to a chain of poverty, discrimination and barriers that in many cases individuals of a family will keep enclose on the same pattern of

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