Systematic Training For Effective Parenting Education Program

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History and Development of Program The Systematic Training for Effective Parenting education program was developed by Dinkmeyer and McKay, who are used concepts from Adlerian and the Parent Effectiveness Training parenting ideas (Nystul, 1982, p. 63). Four of the five articles that were found on the Systematic Training for Effective Parenting education program, had different types of locations and populations. One of the articles uses parents that are in Lithuanian, and were mostly from metropolitan areas who were married had either a part-time or full-time job, and graduated from a University (Jonyniene, Kern, & Gfroerer, 2015, p. 395).
The second article used was from the Fairview Day Hospital and consisted of white and black patients and their families. The ages for the patients were from the age of five to eighteen. There was a large range of socioeconomic statuses of the families and patients ranging from near poverty to upper-middle class (Snow, Kern, & Penick, 1997, p. 390). The third article used outpatient mental health clinics that served the working class, there were parents of both boys and girls, status, education levels, and the ages where from three to sixteen (Adams, 2001, p. 31-32). The forth article had mothers from the Brisbane Australian metropolitan area, they lived with husbands were Caucasian, from middle to upper classes, and were between the ages of twenty-three and fifty (Nystul, 1982, p. 64-65). The goals of the program are to give parents…

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