Systematic Sythnthetic Phonics Essay

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‘A critical discussion about the introduction of systematic synthetic phonics into the primary curriculum since 2007 and the implications of this for the teaching and learning of English’

This essay will discuss the impact that the independent review of the Teaching of Early reading, often referred to as the Rose Review, commissioned by the Secretary of State for Education for England, has had on teaching and learning English. It will look at the implications for schools focussing on Early Years foundation and Key Stage 1. The National Literacy Strategy has been in place since 1998 and since this time there has been a significant increase in the teaching of phonics in literacy, and there have been substantial changes and
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It was said that the best primary schools in England teach children to read, however this could be argued when children are still starting Secondary School below National expectation. Research has found that children are taught to read when a school sets the foundations for a very rigorous and sequential approach to developing speaking and listening and teaching reading, writing and spelling through systematic phonics, and if schools focus on this objective, adopt a consistent approach and make every minute of every lesson count, then they can achieve high standards in reading (Ofsted, Report summary, reading by six, how the best schools do it, 2010). This obviously requires teachers to deliver a highly structured approach to teaching phonic knowledge and skills, which includes a fast pace, praise and reinforcement, perceptive responses, active participation by all children and evidence of progress, all of which personal teaching practice has witnessed daily (appendix 1). If teachers are going to prevent these statistics of failing children to read and write, then assessment needs to be top priority, as this enables pupils to be quickly identified if they are falling behind (Ofsted, Report summary, reading by six, how the best schools do it, 2010). The government’s white paper, the importance of teaching, in November 2010 stated its

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