System Requirement And Features Of The E-SAP System

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System Requirement and Features

It is the COBS policy that all students are expected to know and fulfill all current prerequisite requirements. The e-SAP system supplements students and advisors in fulfilling this requirement analysis. However, the College of Business reserves the right to dis-enroll students who do not meet current prerequisite requirements or who fail to meet expected course attendance policies.

In addition to meeting specific course prerequisites, other general requirements also apply. For instance, prior to attending an upper-division course offered in the College of Business Bachelor of Science programs (Accounting, Computer Information Systems, Finance, Management, or Marketing), all students must have:
• completed
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The proposed software solutions should be fully developed and well-established electronic Student Advising and Planning (e-SAP) application system that address all major functionality expected of such a system for the advising office. The COBS gives preference to those solutions that are able to integrate with the university’s existing software solutions. Finally, the successful e-SAP system should enable and facilitate integration with all existing systems and provide efficient electronic workflow solution.

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The application must be simple for the advising staff or students to use and be inherently intuitive. Applications that minimize the need for complex key strokes, mouse movements, or steps are preferred. While COBS acknowledges that “ease of use” is a subjective indicator, it will prefer solutions where there is a consensus of how easily the application is operated for the end-user, and staff working with the solution, provided the stated system requirements be met.

Evaluations and Selection Process

This RFP is open to all entities possessing the requisite capabilities, qualification, and experience. The vendor providing the e-SAP solution will have an extensive record of accomplishment in implementing and supporting the proposed system, preferably an experience working with a local government. Moreover, the COBS requires the proposed e-SAP system to be a quality solution capable of addressing its stated need, in a manner consistent with a user-configurable software solution.


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