System Implementation Essay

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System Implementation

When it comes to implementing or installing a new system within a company or organization, there are many factors to consider, not only technology. System implementation takes place when testing is complete and the team and project manager become responsible for implementing the new information system successfully for the sponsor or for the client’s organization or company. A successful implementation can result in overall organizational efficiency and also strengthen the organization. However, a failed implementation can result in a strain on funds, schedule, and on the organization. Even though there are different implementation methods, there are more things to consider such as: commitment, risks, resistance,
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Executive level commitment is probably the most important because employees can follow the management’s lead and can encourage shared commitment of the project goal. Every systems project has some type of risk involved. This is because the system will impact the organization and organizations are constantly changing. To manage some risks, project managers or leaders should look at the size of the project. If it is too big, they should consider breaking it into modules. They should look at the changes in technology and determine if they can stick to the same technology or whether they really do need the latest technology and if it will be beneficial. Management should also look at the capability of their team. They should question the team’s expertise. Top management should be supportive and committed as well. They can look at the budget for the project and question if it is realistic or not. Lack of risk management is also a major risk factor. Management should have contingency plans if something goes wrong. Contingency plans can be very beneficial if the organization is constantly changing. Management will have more than one plan ready depending on what might happen. Management can also question the schedule and see if it is even possible to complete it on time. However, sometimes the organization will have clearly defined goals with top management support allowing the successful implementation. Communication is also

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