System evaluation paper

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System Evaluation Paper

Donna Jackson


October 6, 2014

University of Phoenix

MGD is an automated pharmaceutical management product and service for hospitals and healthcare facilities in the United States, Europe, and the Middle East (Bloomberg Business Week, 2014). Its automated medication dispensing systems include ServeRx system, which involves automation software, medication and supply cabinets, bedside solutions, and computerized order entry devices for medication management (Bloomberg Business Week, 2014). The computer also offers order entry module that promotes patient safety by eliminating transcription errors and providing real-time information at the patient’s bedside
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Just like any other business there is always liability issues involved so tracking the medicine giving protects the nurse, the facility and the patient. The computer and locking cabinet system does in minutes, what a pharmacy technician did, seven days a week, around the clock. The medicine dispensing machine is so accurate that hospitals do not need a night time or weekend technician to be present anymore.
A routine time for the medicine to be given is at nine in the morning and nine at night, except when a patient request something like Tylenol, Tums, or other over the counter medicines. Image how convenient it is for the nurse to enter their password and code, and then accessing a patient list, and then selecting the medicine that needs to be given. Only typing in their name, time of the medicine due and a drawer automatically opens with the medicine right there. The system automatically counts and keeps track of each nurse, what they are giving and when. Monitoring medicine dispensing is an important function of the system for liability issues that may arise later. Using a barcode scanner, the medicine package (blister pack) is scanned directly into the system. If the medicine is not what the doctor ordered it rejects it, telling the nurse exactly why. Most important detail is if it is the wrong dose, or medicine the machine will not allow the nurse to give it to the patient. Many of the

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