Essay about Syringe in Pepsi Can

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1- Discuss the implications of Pepsi's strategy, specifically.
Putting Public First
By putting public first, it show to the public that they care about this crisis seriously and they will treat this matter accordingly and their image become better when they get the consultation from the FDA, because they know that the FDA's credibility is high and people will believe what ever that FDA recommend them to do. In the meantime Pepsi also know that this problem is not come from their side but it just they want to gain back public trust and
Taking full responsibility for solving the problem.
By taking full responsibility, Pepsi has shown to their public that they listen to the their customer complain although they know that this complain
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From the beginning that they know that the best way to do is not the defensive strategy in dealing with the crisis but the offensive way. So they have concentrate to find a way to tell their public that this allegation is not true. So from this they truly confidence that that is not their part for causing the syringe to be in the can. They also made this decision after the series of detail investigation in all plant and all line of their machine that has a connection with their product. And their decision is in line with the FDA statement that this crisis is not from the Pepsi side. They want to reassure that this crisis is not the manufacturing crisis. The minusses of this action not to recall the product is the cost will be increasing and it show that Pepsi do not have a confidence in their product and believe the allegation. But the plusses of recalling the product is people will view Pepsi as a company the really put the customer safety first and it will show to the public that if the allegation is not proven, but the company willing to carry a cost as long as the customer safety is reassure.

3- on June 10, 1993 other option that peps have is to pay the compensation to the first person who make the claim and ask the person not to report the story to the press. Another option that Pepsi can take is to ignore the claim and act as it never happen. I think this company has choose the correct action

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