Essay Syrian Refugees : Good Or Bad

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Syrian Refugees: Good or Bad

Since the beginning of time, war has destroyed countries or destroyed conflicts; in the case of the 2011 civil war in Syria, it has brought about nothing but chaos and despair. Challenging the dictator Bashar al-Assad, protestors did not realize that the ongoing turmoil of a five year war would throw the world into desolation. America and many other countries have long had rivalries with Middle Easterners, and these issues still exist in the present. This confusion requires me to ask the following question: “Why help the refugees now when they have never offered anything but destruction towards us Americans or Christians. Yes, there are both pros and cons to allowing the Syrians to take refuge in our country, but the bad consequences outweigh the good. Though the Syrian refugees will bring destruction to the countries that offer them asylum, one must address the pros such as moral obligation, reduced number of deaths in the fleeing refugee population, and the possibility of peace with the Middle East before measures are taken. America and Europe are known for their dominant religion to be Christianity, and for them to not offer the hospitality they would desire in the same situation, some deem to be unchristian-like and immoral. The supporters from the article, Refugee Crisis (2016), state, “Europe and the United States have a moral obligation to accept as many refugees as possible. (p. 1)” I do agree in the aspect that by being a…

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