Essay Syrian People : Syrian Refugees

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Internally displaced people have shown up in a variety of areas around the world. Specifically, people from Iraq have had to deal with such crisis since the days of the “First Gulf War”(Kulaksiz and Karasapan,2015). The main group of ethnic people represented here are Syrian refugees, as well as other displaced persons dealing with such crises. Such problems represent large culture factors and differences between different parts of our current world. From an anthropology point of view, it not only provides the idea of how little humanity has changed over time in certain areas throughout the world, but also provides the idea that systems of power really differ from every part of one 's continent. This evidently identifies the main theme of this paper, why Syrian people are being displaced in such large numbers, throughout iraq’s surrounding major cities.

Firstly, It provokes the idea that governments have a say in preventing such measures, but chose not to because such issues may be too costly to solve, or provide little benefit to themselves, regardless of what’s actually happening. In North america such freedoms and limitations are less likely to happen, as government actions are often regulated and provide equal services to all people. However, evidently this is not the case in such countries, as the middle east provides a clear example of the opposite happening. Secondly, the Islamic state group is a large reason as to why people have fled areas of iraq, in doing…

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