Syrian Civil War Essay

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Overview of the international relations conflict

President of the United States Barack Obama met with the Turkish Prime Minister to discuss about how to end up the civil war in Syria. Syrian civil was is an armed conflict, which started in March 2011 and developed into international demonstrations in April. The main conflict is held between non-formed rebels wanted to overthrow the power government Ba’ath Party and the resignation of the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, whose family rules the country since 1971. Ba’ath Party is neo-Ba’athism dominant government party that has ruled in Syria since 1963. All started as a civil and peaceful demonstrations against the president and government, but it turned into armed bloody conflicts as
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To predict being lost in this international relation conflict I would focus on the Obama’s decision resulted from the article that I have chosen. Obama is not likely to act right know without having wider information about the situation in the country. It is also known that chemical weapons where used before in the Syrian war.

To analyze the decision of the US president Barack Obama, I would use three level analyses starting with the individual level, domestic level and system level to analyze the interstate causes. However, some of the answers and opinions were written in the text above, I would like to be specific and concrete when analyzing this international problem.

Individual level of analysis

The individual level of analysis is focused on choices and actions of individual human beings, in our case the US president Barack Obama. As written before his attitude toward more involvement in the Syrian civil war is to wait, stand by side, because there is poor evidence about the chemical weapons and the actual situation in the Syria. Also other states should say their opinion and help the Syria. The theory of reciprocity is visible in this case. Theory of reciprocity is a psychological theory referring to responding to positive actions by another positive actions. This theory is functioning vice versa. Obama thinks that involving into Syrian conflict will result into more bloodshed and make the

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