Essay on Syrian And The Syrian Civil War

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One of the major topics throughout the United States has been the issue of whether or not we should take in Syrian Refugees as a country. The Syrian civil war has been going on since 2011, and it has displaced over 4.5 million people living in the country because of violence and terror that has ensued. There have been pleas for other nations to accept these people who have nothing. The United States has been face many times with the question, “Will the United States take in Syrian Refugees?” There has been a wide range of stances on this question and it would be impossible to go into all them. This question has a few items to consider, and those items are predictability of this question, the response to this questions, and the rules and patterns this question followed. The United States has always been known for helping people in need, and that has been good and bad thing throughout history. But in this particular case it is not so straight forward on what the clear action should be. Syrian people are in a time of war and part of the war is being fought with an Islamic terrorist group named ISIS. A general public perception can be altered very quickly and one major event occurred that negatively altered most people from accepting Syrian refugees. This event was the France bombing attack. The people who carried out this mission had posed as Syrian refugees coming into France. This event escalated the question for the United States and made it a major topic. So…

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