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Gay/Lesbian Families Adoption is an extremely sensitive subject,(insert dash) especially for individuals who are Gay or Lesbian. There is much controversy on the topic. There are a variety of ways to which it isn’t possible for a couple to adopt. Infertility is becoming a greater problem in our time. In Gerald P. Mallon’s article, “Assessing Lesbian and Gay Prospective Foster and Adoptive Families: A Focus on the Home Study Process,” in 2007. He introduces a few different ways gay men and lesbian couples go about starting a family and mentions how the decision to adopt or become a foster parent for a child is a huge step in parenting. There are even more studies today that show, gay men and lesbians make good parents. In Scott Weber’s …show more content…
Some children experienced shame because of conflicts between loyalty to their parents and the perceived need to conceal their parents’ sexual orientation for privacy of self-preservation” (Weber 11). Parents of a child would know what the best interests of a child is. In the case of adoption or foster care, the agency most likely knows the child best and under which circumstances the child could function and develop best would be. Although the agency has the final say as to where the child goes, it isn’t acceptable to place a child in an atmosphere where he or she may potentially experience harassment or feelings of shame. Shame is an incredibly influential emotion. It is an emotion that brings feelings of guilt along. No one wants to feel shame (insert dash) especially if the feeling isn’t coming from a personal choice. In this case, the feelings of shame would be brought upon by those harassing the child for a decision he or she had no control over. Although such feelings may occur a home is a home regardless what happens outside its walls. There are countless numbers of children without homes and families. It only logical for a same-sex couple who can afford to adopt or foster a child and provide sufficient needs for a him or her to do so. There are many children in far worse living conditions than to be significantly more likely to experience feelings such as shame.

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