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Synthesis Paper
Skateboarding means different things to different people. It’s a life style, an art form, a sport, a career, a hobby, a mode of transport, a kid’s pastime, a form of rebellion, a booming industry, a form of expression, family entertainment, a healthy form of exercise, a dangerous activity, and an addiction, but also a culture, an identity, an education, and even a religion to faithful follower s. But the dangerous part of skating stops many people from skateboarding. Injury also has been a common issue since skateboard was created. I summarized three articles that include statistics of skateboarding injuries and express different views from their own perspectives on this issue.

According to “Skateboard Injuries” written
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Secondly Skateboards must never be ridden near traffic. Thirdly, helmets and protective padding for skateboarders’ elbows and knees are encouraged to reduce or prevent injury.

The second article is “Skateboard injuries” written by V. Marchessault and published by the Canadian Medical Association Journal in 1979. According to the author, a significant number of severe injuries could be associated with skateboarding in Canada. Those injuries ranged from abrasions to sprains and strains of joints, dislocation of joints, fractures of small and large bones and head injuries. Skateboarding had become a widespread sport, but there had not been enough emphasis placed on the dangers associated with it. After analyzing the data, the Sport and Recreation Committee and the Accident Prevention Committee of the Canadian Pediatric Society drew some conclusions. The skateboard should be properly constructed, preferably of reinforced plastic, and should be the proper size for the capabilities of the person using it. Aluminum boards are not recommended as their edges can wear to razor-like sharpness. The wheels and the mechanism which attaches them to the deck should be appropriate for the weight of the rider. Basic safety equipment must be worn by skateboarders and this would include a helmet, such as a hockey helmet, pads for knees, elbows and hips, gloves, long sleeved shirt and long pants. Common sense would

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