Synthesis Essay War Images-a Beautiful and Dangerous Weapon

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A Beautiful and Dangerous Weapon War- a state of organized, armed, and often prolonged conflict, typified by extreme aggression, social disruption, and usually high mortality. War is inevitable; people thrive on the idea of war, engaging in bloody affairs, a chance to fight for their freedom and Americas freedom. The public reads of these bloody affairs, in the headlines splattered all over the television screen, imagining in their head the idea of war, the idea of blood, dead bodies, and weapons. Images of war would only put fear and anger into Americans, yet in times of war, the media has an obligation to provide the citizens of America, with these images of war, even if they are terrifying, violent, and bloody. If Americans do not …show more content…
Americans should not be vulnerable to violence; they should accept the fact that war is taking place, and indeed is real, and not just something the news speaks of. Further, in conclusion, war is inescapable, if the United States wants to condition its people to accept war and violence, the present treatment of exposing war images on television is therefore, deemed as excellent, stated by the International Writers Guild, James C. Hargerty, (B). Indeed, war has a major effect on the public not only emotionally but physically. The idea of war frightens most people yet angers some. “This effect however is not in the place of journalists to care,” says Adam B. Kushner, editor for the magazine The New Republic, (F). So what if war images of gruesome fighting are leaked to the public? So what if the images upset some, and terrify others? “If viewers are disturbed by disturbing news, then editors have done their jobs,” (Kushner, 2004). There is no way to convey the extent of the subjects’ moral depravity without showing the actions, (Kushner, 2004). War changes everything, lives, rules and overall standings of America. War can make or break a person, making them stronger and more excepting of war, or breaking them down and having them give into the consequences of war. America will never know of war image effects on the public if they keep the images hidden, for they fear the impact it will on their

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