Synthesis Essay : Julius Caesar

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Synthesis Essay – Julius Caesar
MSgt Frederick E. Stevenson
Air Force Senior Noncommissioned Officer Academy Introduction Have you ever heard the phrase, ‘Rome wasn’t built in one day’? I’m pretty sure you have. In fact, it took decades for the Roman empire to become the historic civilization we’ve read in books or watched in a documentary. The empire didn’t just sprout out of nowhere, it’s expansion to a super power of the time was cultivated by the idea and concepts of a leader. That leader was Julius Caesar. Julius Caesar made him mark on history as Rome’s greatest leader and I would agree that he was a very inspirational and visionary leader. Although he had those great traits of a leader, he also possessed some bad ones. In my opinion, Julius Caesar was not an ethical leader. In this essay, I’ll discuss reasons why I think he’s a visionary leader, as well as go over a few points why I believe he is not an ethical leader. I’ll relate these two topics to some of my own personal relevance and end with a short summary.
Visionary Leader As stated in my introduction, I believe Julius Caesar was a visionary leader. He envisioned the empire that Rome would eventually become. His visionary leadership trait was most prevalent on the battlefield as a military leader. Like most militaries, subordinates did what they were told, frankly because they had to, but Caesar’s men did what were told because they wanted to. He was the type of leader the led from the…

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