Essay Synthesis And Storage Of The Neurotransmitter

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Research on neurons communication began after Loewi’s discovery about an chemical causing the heart beat to increase when aroused through excitation or carrying out physically straining tasks such as running, likewise, a chemical causes heart beat to decrease when relaxing. He suggested from his research that chemicals that increase heart rate send excitatory messages on the other hand chemicals that calm down the heart rate send inhibitory messages. Moreover the discovery of electronic microscope helped with the finding of synapses and further developed the knowledge on neurotransmission. This essay will be exploring the different stages of neurotransmission in detail and then go to see the effect toxins have on neurons communication. (Kolb & Whishaw)

The first stage of neurotransmission involves synthesis and storage of the neurotransmitter. Each transmitter involved has a unique process for synthesis depending on the neuron’s enzyme in the transmitter. Synthesis usually occurs in the presynaptic terminal. An essential process called slow axonal transport takes place. This is when the enzymes involved in synthesising the transmitter is synthesised in the neuronal cell body at the nerve terminal cytoplasm. After, the protein transporters absorb the precursor molecules of synthetic enzyme and place them in the nerve terminal. The enzymes produce a cytoplasmic pool of neurotransmitters, which are delivered to the synaptic vesicles by protein transporters. (Purves,…

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