Synthesis # 3 : Locke And Rousseau Essays

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SYNTHESIS #3 – Locke and Rousseau
People need government. The authority of civil society provides protection and is necessary because it is able to help better the natural state of people. The Second Treatise of Government by John Locke and Basic Political Writings by Jean-Jacques Rousseau are two works that deal with political philosophy support this theory that government arises as a means of rectifying some of the shortcomings found in the state of nature. Locke and Rousseau have different ideas about what civil society protects and about what shortcomings of this natural state government works to solve, but both believe government is essential. Government provides protection and improves the lives of people.
Locke believes that the role of government is to secure the natural rights of people, namely property and liberty. He believes that men exist in the state of nature in perfect freedom. They do what they want, but they are also responsible for a lot–serving justice, protecting property, providing necessities. Locke believes that the state of nature is not necessarily good or bad, but it a chaotic, neutral space ruled by common interest and natural laws. He argues that men give up total freedom because the benefit of joining society far outweighs the cost. In giving up total freedom, men are giving security and convenience. They again basic services, a justice system, and, most importantly, the protection of property. It is advantageous for people to be a part of…

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