Titan's Curse Chapter Summary

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Titan’s Curse by Rick Riordan

978-142310148-2 The Titan’s Curse takes place in the present U.S.A. and is a exciting adventure.

Meet Percy Jackson, a 14 year old buy with dark hair and sea green eyes. He is the proud son of Poseidon and Sally Jackson and Tyson’s half- brother.

In the Titan’s Curse Grover, Percy, Annabeth, and Thalia discover two new half-bloods at Westover Hall, but Annabeth and the goddess Artermis are kidnapped by Krono’s Army and Atlas.

As our tale begings Percy, Thalia, and Annabeth approach Westover Hall to join up with Grover who thinks he found two powerful half-blood siblings, but as the get inside they encounter the vice principal and a teacher at the entrance Thalia swiftly manipulates the mist to convince
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As soon as Percy wakes up he tells Grover all about his dream. Grover says the only way Annabeth could’ve horded up the sky is that she was going to join the hunters. Percy tries to get help from the oracle, but the oracle ignores him. Later that day after the embarrassing lost in Capture The Flag by the hunters, Percy and Thalia are about to fight when Percy notices the oracle walking towards Zoe and …show more content…
So that night they had a meeting to decide who would go on the quest with Zoe. Finally, they decided that Zoe, Phoebe Bianca Di Angelo, Thalia, and Grover would go on the quest. Leaving Percy protesting due to his persistence and depretutation to rescue Annabeth. Chiron tries to reassure Percy that everything is all right and tell him to Iris message his mom. When Percy sends an Iris Message to his mom he finds her talking Paul Blofis her new boy friend. Before the signal is cut Percy’s mom tells him to do what he thinks is right. Afterwards Percy has a dream that Artemis takes Annabeth’s place holding up the sky saving her from her deaf. Percy is than waken up by Black Jack ( A Pegasus) because he wanted Percy to rescue a cow like marine creature Percy names it Bessie not knowing what it truly was as Percy returns to his cabin he spots Nico spying on the hunters. Percy decides to use Annabeth’s Yankee’s cap to keep an eye on Nico. When doing so Percy finds out the phoebe can’t go because of a prank. The Stoll brothers pulled. Percy swiftly stops Nico before he follows Bianca before he leaves to follow the group. After a couple of hours following the group they stop at the museum. Percy than spots Dr. Thorn and hears them say that Annabeth was alive so his dram is true, but Dr, Thorn doesn’t follow everyone into museum instead he leads Percy and Black Jack

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