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In the New Testament, the Last Supper refers to the last meal that Jesus shared with his disciples on the night of his betrayal. This last meal mentioned in different terms in different texts. These terms include the Lord's Supper, Eucharist, communion and mass. The last supper serves as an encouragement and a unifying factor to Christians. It binds them in fellowship of love, trust and mutual acceptance. Sharing of the last supper is one of
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1. Frank, Stag. New Testament Theology. Nashville: Broadman Press, 1962.
The meal itself comprised the Pascal lamb, the bread, bitter herbs, charoseth and the lamb wrapped together. After prayer, the participants would drink the third cup of wine. This third cup is the most likely to be the cup of the Lords Supper because Jews called it the” cup of blessing," just as Paul calls the Christian cup in 1st Corinthians 10:10.The service closed with a fourth cup amid praise and singing of the remainder of the Psalms 115-118. Matthew explains his account of the last Passover and the Lords supper against this background.2 The Jewish Passover to a great extent relates to the Last Supper in the New Testament. However, the contention arises on whether the Last supper shared by Jesus and his disciples was a Passover or a specially arranged meal. Despite the uncertainty, Jesus death was perceived in terms of the paschal lamb that is the customary lamb that used to be slain a night before Passover meal. In the last supper, Jesus and his disciples shared bread and wine. According to Paul in (1st Cor.11:24) Jesus said these words during the sharing of the bread and wine “Do this in remembrance of me.” It is, therefore, right to infer that the sharing of the meal (bread and wine/cup) was developed for memorial

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