Synopsis Of The County Of Hampton County Sheriff 's Office Essays

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On January 10th, 2016, at 1:30 PM, I, Cpl. Lessane, along with Deputy Ayer, with the Hampton County Sheriff’s Office, responded to 750 Luray Highway, in the county of Hampton, regarding a stolen safe. Upon arrival, deputies spoke with the complainant, Jerry Hadwin, who made allegations against his grandson, Kyle Hadwin, of stealing his locked safe from out of his bedroom.
Mr. Hadwin stated earlier this incident date, he observed Kyle to have unusual suspicious behaviors. He stated he caught Kyle in his bedroom that he advised him to stay out of. He then stated a short disagreement occurred between the two. Mr. Hadwin stated shortly afterwards, Kyle left the residence to walk down the road. He stated he checked his bedroom after Kyle left and noticed his grey safe was missing. He continued to state the safe was on a night stand with a sheet over it covering it up. He advised the last time he seen the safe was on last night when he went and took some medication before bed. He stated he had over $12,000 worth of value inside the case including a $750.00 retriement check, a pistol, blank checks from P almetto Bank, medication and etc.
Mr. Hadwin stated when Kyle left the residence, he was wearing a camouflage pants and a brown jacket. He stated he did not observed Kyle with the case when he left the residence. He also stated he did not observed Kyle taking the case out of the bedroom.
On the above…

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