Synopsis Of ' Letter From The County Of Hampton ' Essay

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On the 6th of November, 2015, I, CPL. Lessane, along with Deputy Green, Deputy Griffin, and Deputy Jordan, with the Hampton County Sheriff 's Office, responded to 320 Thorn Circle, in the county of Hampton, regarding a disturbance incident. Upon arrival, Deputies made contact with all parties involve and gathered the pertinent information needed to complete this report.


Mrs. Barnes stated she came to the incident location in an attempt to pick up her children ages 9 and 6 from their father. Mrs. Barnes stated she made pre arrangements with Mr. Terry who agreed to meet her at the end of his driveway. Mrs. Barnes stated upon her arrival, Mr. Terry refused to allow the kids to come outside so her husband, James Barnes drove up to the residence in an attempt to get the kids. Mrs. Barnes stated Kayce Hutto and Brandon Terry walked up to Mr. Barnes vehicle and started assaulting him while screaming and yelling. She continued to state she ran up to the vehicle in an attempt to cease the physical altercation. Mrs. Barnes advised Kayce then attacked her while she was attempting to break up the altercation. She further stated Kayce pulled her hair and threw her on the ground as she was attempting to walk away from the altercation.


James stated he dropped his wife, Kristina Barnes, off at the end of Mr. Terry driveway. He stated he drove up to Mr. Terry residence and asked for him to…

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