Synopsis Of George Abc Consulting Essay

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Having just completed an MBA, George decided to join ABC Consulting over a Big 4 firm as he felt that the former could offer what he was seeking in a long-term career – work-life balance, a dynamic environment with less office politics, and interesting projects where he could exercise his creativity. He also felt that he would have no problem meeting the requirements of the 3-month probation to be eligible for the company’s bonus system. George approached his first project with enthusiasm, but was quickly taken aback by the fast pace at which his project and client managers were able to analyze the data and voice their opinions. George was unable to contribute during the discussion and thought instead to impress by detailing his ideas in the client report. However, to his dismay, all of his ideas were criticized by his client manager. Feeling disappointed, undervalued and frustrated, George removed his ideas from the report and soon lost his motivation to work. He turned up late at work and did the bare minimum for projects that were assigned to him. On the day of his review, he was shocked to hear that his performance was not up to mark and he would not qualify for the bonus system. At that moment, George decided to resign.
Motivation is an internal force that can influence a person’s energy, direction, and behavior. This essay will evaluate how George felt throughout his relationship with ABC Consulting; how he changed from a motivated employee into…

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