Synopsis Of ' Chapter 13 ' Essay

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Synopsis of chapter: Chapter 13 is about violence. What it means and how to help a client or the client’s dependents that are being abused in any form.
Main Learnings: The entire chapter has important key learnings. But some of the main learnings are: types of abuse and neglect; the cycle of violence; what does the helper do; and developing a safety plan.
Types of abuse and neglect are an important learning key because it defines what violence is and the different types of categories. We need to know what violence is and the different types so as professionals we can identify it even if our clients are not being honest. Also we need to understand and identify the differences among abuse and neglect. No one will willing tell you that they are neglecting someone. Sometimes people may not tell you that they are being neglected for personal fears. As a professional you will need to identify the signs of neglect to a client.
The cycle of violence is important learning key because it explains the cycle of how the violence cycles. As a professional this is extremely important to learn because you need to teach this cycle to the battered client and they need to make their own safety plan such as going to a friend or family member when the clients partner is getting violent or the client can feel the tension rising.
What does a helper do? A helper does many things from believing the client, active listening, be caring and being honest with the client. But some of the…

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