Essay on Synopsis Of Beate Zschape And The Nsu

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Beate Zschäpe was part of the so called “national socialist underground” (NSU), a German rightwing terroristic group (Röpke & Speit, 2011). The core of the NSU which had managed to live underground undiscovered for 13 years consisted of three people: Beate Zschäpe, Uwe Mundlos and Uwe Böhnhardt (Röpke & Speit, 2011). The NSU is very likely responsible for the murder of 10 people (9 of them with migrant background), 14 bank robberies and several bombings, which took place in Germany between 2000 and 2007 (Dauber, 2014).
Finally, Zschäpe surrendered to the police in 2011; the reason for her action was the death of the two other NSU members Mundlos and Böhnhardt, who had committed suicide after a bank robbery (Röpke & Speit, 2011). Before her surrender, Zschäpe distributed a video in which the NSU claimed responsibility of the 10 murders and several other crimes (Röpke & Speit, 2011).
Beate Zschäpe is now accused of arson, first degree murder and being a member of a terrorist organization; the trail started in 2013 and still continues (Dauber, 2014). In December 2015, Zschäpe claimed that she had always learned about the crimes after they had happened, however this doesn’t seem convincing to German authorities (Diehl, 2015). It isn’t yet clear which role she played in the NSU (Dauber, 2014). However, according to German law, people who plan a crime together are jointly responsible for that crime, even if not all of them were…

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