Synopsis Of A Movie ' Chasadee 's House ' Essay

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On January 7, 2016, I went to Chasadee 's residence to get her statement. Chasadee stated on December 27, 2015, she went to the convienence store at Highway 33 and 48 to wait for Joseph to arrive. Chasadee stated she was going to meet Joseph at the store and follow him to her residence so that there would not be any confrontation with Mark if he were to be at her house. Chasadee stated after she waited a while she became worried because Joseph is never late. Chasadee stated she was driving South on Highway 48 near Pinehill Road when she saw Joseph 's car in the ditch. Chasadee stated she pulled up and Mark walked towards her with blood on his face. Chasadee stated she got scared and drove back North on Highway 48 and called her Aunt Watonia to come to the scene. Chasadee stated when Watonia and her boyfriend Mitchell Beasley arrived to where she was at they drove to the scene. Chasadee stated they went to Joseph 's vehicle and did not see him in the car at first. Chasadee stated Joseph was lying down to the right. Chasadee stated they tried opening the doors and the car was locked. Chasadee stated her Mitchell attempted to break out the window with his fist. Mitchell was wearing a red hoodie. Mitchell was the person Brian saw attempting to break the window. Chasadee stated Mark came from behind the vehicle and busted out the window with a flashlight that he had on his person. Chasadee stated Mark grabbed Joseph by the jacket and lifted him up. Chasadee stated…

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