Synopsis Of A First Outing On A Wedding Essay

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He had a fool’s load of garments for the laundromat, next to the nail salon and bodega, on a busy block in Queens. Figured he could do more while he washed more while he washed the rest of his clothes than hand just washing his favorite Paul Smith shirt for his date later that evening. One can only be but so intricate when preparing for the first outing on a courtship.

Everything needed to be perfect. He set out his navy blue loafers. The debate arose with whether he should wear the periwinkle blue socks to complement the shirt, or the royal blue socks with obsidian stripes to make his loafers stand out. Quite the Dandy, the rest of his outfit would need a quick cleaning and pressing in order to enhance the ensemble. It has been a hectic week, but his eyes, meeting someone at a coffee shop should give no excuse to dress like a peasant.

Setting the damp multi-colored shirt on a hanger in his bathroom, he grabbed the army green cloth bag with the remaining pieces to his puzzle, along with a few extra pieces, and made departed his empty apartment.

The elevator always takes too long so taking the stairs is always his first option. The Pre-war building included the elevator as a luxury during its heyday. Now, its only use is for the seniors in the partially rent stabilized apartments. He pranced like a gazelle down the stairs past the children playing Lazer tag, being careful not to get shot. Normally, he plays a few games with the junior neighbors while their…

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