Synopsis Of A Book ' Draw A Monster ' Essay

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Draw a monster. Now, why is it a monster?

My own mother was probably the best mother she could be. Not only because she loved me unconditionally, but because she knew what a poor example that her mother, my grandmother, taught her.

A common weekend activity with my mom consisted of us driving to McDonald’s and ordering my favorite breakfast meal. Hotcakes and sausage with an extra sausage, but it wasn’t quite that innocent. My mother would also order a meal for herself and pretend she didn’t notice me taking her hash brown. She would always say, “They forgot to put my hash brown in the bag.” Yet we both knew where that missing hash brown went. She just went along, like any great mother would, and as time progressed order an additional hash brown.

Now. Here’s how she died. Before she died on May 29th 2009, she was misdiagnosed with an illness called influenza. Through a turn of events, her true diagnosis was a brain tumor. However, my mother was prideful. She was set out to never letting me know what illness she had. As of now I can only fathom her true reasoning for never wanting me to know, but I will never really know. Luckily for me my father was never big on secrets. He told me eventually what was going on. Nevertheless, my mother finally came around into telling me what was going on with her. But her pride, or maybe shame, got in the way of her telling me herself, so she designed this intricate plan where my father and I would take a road trip to San Francisco where…

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