Synergetic Solutions Essay

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Week 4 Individual Assignment: Synergetic Solutions

Susana Pena

COM 530

Mark Busby

Univ. of Phoenix

February 5, 2013

* Describe at least three internal and external forces of change for Synergetic Solutions. * * * The external forces of change for Synergetic Solutions include technology, economic shocks, and competition. Technology is the one force that has caused for companies in the technology business to stay innovated and have skills be up to date with the needs of customers. Synergetic Solutions made the attempt to rely on a type of business that would promote slow and steady change and for employees to sustain their skills for a long period of time. Technology is not slow and steady and companies are
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In the second step, the CEO has taken measures of having the top engineers receive their training toward the CEO’s initiative. This step matches with the second step of forming a coalition with enough power to implement the change (Robbins & Judge, 2011). The fifth step is now being implemented by a new leader from the COO. The communication that is used to implement the fifth step was allowing the employees to be empowered with the specialists that are directly interacting with the employees and serving as coaches for the employees. The communication for the sixth step promotes positive reinforcement, a culture that is expressed from the upper management toward being able to achieve success for a greater purpose for the company. Positive reinforcement to employees builds loyalty and dedication for the company by understanding that their work is going to be deeply appreciated and build confidence toward this huge transition. * Synergetic Solutions has shown strong evidence for using the Organizational Development for implementing change in its business. Under this model, the COO has taken actions of improving organizational effectiveness and employee well-being. A new type of business needs for communication to get established through team building. Team building allows transparent dialogue for team leaders who are evaluating the performances

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