Symptoms Of Alzheimer 's Disease Essay

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Alzheimer 's is a primary neurodegenerative disorder that usually appears after age 65, but may also occur among younger people. When a person has Alzheimer 's disease, undergoes microscopic changes in tissue from certain parts of your brain and progressive, but steady loss of a chemical, vital for brain function, called acetylcholine. This substance allows nerve cells to communicate with each other and is involved in mental activities related to learning, memory and thinking.

It is difficult to determine who will develop Alzheimer 's disease, since it is a complex disorder of unknown cause, which apparently multiple factors. Here are some of the elements that may increase your chances of getting this disease.

Age : usually affects those aged 60-65 years, but there have also been cases among children under 40. The average age at diagnosis is 80, since it considers that Alzheimer 's is a disease favored by the age.
Sex : women suffer from it more often, probably because they live longer.
Races : equally it affects all races.
Family heritage : the familial Alzheimer 's disease, a variant of the disease that is transmitted genetically, representing 1 percent of all cases. However, it is estimated that 40 percent of AD patients have a family history.
Genetic factor : several mutations in the gene for amyloid precursor protein (APP), or the presenilin 1 and 2 may also be associated with mutations in the gene for apolipoprotein E (ApoE). This protein is involved in…

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