Essay on Symptoms And Treatments Of Pancreatic Cancer

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Understanding Pancreatic Cancer
There is still so much that scientists don 't know about such intricate diseases such as cancer, but as technology improves, diseases that were previously thought of as incurable are now being researched, broken down, and with that treatments are being developed. The prevalence of various cancers is exponentially increasing, and pancreatic cancer is no exception. By the end of this research paper, the researcher will have discussed the known pathophysiology, signs and symptoms, and treatments involved with pancreatic cancer. With any hope, within the next decade, this research paper will be obsolete due to vast advances in technology and research on pancreatic cancer.
The pancreas is a small, flat gland that can secrete both hormones such as insulin and enzymes that aid in digestion and is closely associated with the stomach, duodenum and the spleen (Huntsman, 2015; Huether, 2012). Its close relationship with the digestive process makes it an important organ. It is supplied with blood through the celiac and mesenteric arteries and exits out the portal vein (Huether,2012). Tumors affecting the blood supplying arteries to this organ can make this cancer untreatable and deadly, supporting the research that determines pancreatic cancer as the fourth leading cause of cancer related deaths (Huether, 2012). The ability for mutations to affect both exocrine cells and endocrine cells of the pancreas, to rapid progress, and to resist…

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