Symptoms And Treatments Of Depression Essay

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Depression is one of the most prevalent psychiatric disorders widely found and one of the most to be frequently diagnosed. As depression increases, multiple approaches to treatment have been sought after to effectively treat the disorder. Many of the psychological studies have shown individual and biomedical therapy to be efficient treatments to help depressive people. Some psychological views believe that the disorders are caused by biological factors and some adopt the approach the cause to be in the mind. In discussing the effects of cognitive therapy and or antidepressants medication to treat depression, findings have showed how they are similar in neural mechanism and how they are distinct from each other. Individual therapies are one of the approaches to treatments for depression. This includes cognitive therapy where the therapists work one on one with the clients and help change their negative though patterns. A symptom of depression is distorted thinking where negative self-schemas bias a person’s thinking. Psychologists have been led to believe that by replacing one’s negative cognitive process with more realistic and positive ones, they will be able to help people with depression – this is based on Becks theory of cognitive restructuring. In researching this theory, the Riggs et al. (2007) were able to study the effectiveness of the cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) in combination with a placebo or an SSRI. This was a randomized double blind study that used 126…

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