Essay Symptoms And Treatments Of Antidepressants

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Although some people might not agree with taking antidepressants, it is an effective way to stop whatever type of depression one may have from getting worse than what it already is. There are various types of antidepressants when trying to deal with depression. If one wants to start taking an antidepressant they should consult a doctor and make a choice together for whatever works best for the patient. It is important to view certain pros and cons of antidepressants before jumping to conclusions. Most antidepressants have side effects so one can expect diarrhea, nausea, and other side effects when using antidepressants. Although one may experience certain side effects when using antidepressants most side effects disappear within a few weeks and are only seen in the earlier weeks. Side effects should be the least of worries when taking antidepressants. When patients have a low risk of relapse they may continue using antidepressants for half a year to an even longer amount of time after relapse has been prevented. This is known as the continuation stage. After depression is taken care of by minimal treatment, patients continue to stay on antidepressants. Although it is good not to have to rely on antidepressants, it is always better to avoid negative effects towards one’s body mentally. Anxiety is a main contributor to depression as well. Anxiety can be experienced through various types of symptoms. These symptoms include; inner tension, sleep disturbances, and other…

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